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State Total Project Cost
View 2014 City of Peoria, Arizona / Implementation of Adaptation Strategies AZ $1,627,507.00
View 2014 City of Yucaipa / Wilson III Basin Groundwater Recharge and Water Management CA $8,171,961.00
View 2014 Nevada Irrigation District / Hydroelectric Project CA $4,599,425.00
View 2014 Fresno Irrigation District / Southwest Groundwater Banking Project CA $4,562,000.00
View 2014 Sacramento Suburban Water District / Residential Water Meter Installation Project CA $3,943,168.00
View 2014 James Irrigation District / James Irrigation District Water Banking Project CA $3,244,794.00
View 2014 Irvine Ranch Water District / Stockdale Recovery Facilities Program CA $3,225,000.00
View 2014 Gateway Water Management Authority / Regional Advanced Meter Infrastructure Program CA $2,557,418.00
View 2014 Metropolitan Water District of Southern California / On-site Retrofit Pilot Program CA $2,000,000.00
View 2014 Colusa County Water District / Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System Installation and Medium Voltage Motor Controls Upgrade Program CA $1,361,075.00
View 2014 Metropolitan Water District of Southern California / California Friendly Turf Replacement Incentive Program - Phase II CA $1,300,000.00
View 2014 Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District / Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, and Solar Power Project CA $706,573.00
View 2014 Santa Barbara County Water Agency / WaterWise Landscape Rebate Program CA $575,310.00
View 2014 Natomas Central Mutual Water Company / R Drain Check Structure Automation Project CA $295,800.00
View 2014 Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association / Shavano Falls Hydropower Development CO $7,807,303.50
View 2014 Idaho Water Resource Board / Phase Two - Provide Irrigation Flow Measurement Devices to Delivery Points Within Water District 02 ID $661,691.12
View 2014 South Board of Control / South Canal 17.7 Pipeline Gravity Pressure Project ID $633,354.00
View 2014 Oxford Reservoir and Irrigation Company / Innovative Energy Production and Irrigation Efficiencies ID $598,644.50
View 2014 City of Topeka / Advanced Water Metering Project KS $751,306.62
View 2014 Malta Irrigation District / Dodson South Canal Head Gate Project MT $340,229.00
View 2014 Elephant Butte Irrigation District / Rincon WHEN: Water-Habitat-Energy-Nexus NM $1,920,753.00
View 2014 Southern Nevada Water Authority / Water Smart Landscape Rebate Program NV $3,300,000.00
View 2014 Horsefly Irrigation District / Dairy and Yonna Canals Piping Project OR $400,622.00
View 2014 El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board / Potable Water and Energy Conservation from Secondary Membrane Treatment of Reverse Osmosis Concentrate at Existing Wellhead Reverse Osmosis Units TX $1,655,000.00
View 2014 Fremont Irrigation District / Extension to Improve Irrigation Efficiency and Provide Sustainability UT $7,354,500.00
View 2014 Richmond Irrigation District / Upper High Creek Canal Enclosure and Hydropower Development Project UT $4,750,000.00
View 2014 Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District / Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project UT $3,559,849.00
View 2014 Davis & Weber Counties Canal Company / Main Piping and Small Hydro Project UT $3,050,210.00
View 2014 Logan & Northern Irrigation Company / Piping and Pressurization Project UT $2,644,256.00
View 2014 Holmes Creek Irrigation Company / Water Conservation and Renewable Energy Project UT $1,040,225.00
View 2014 Duchesne County Water Conservancy District / Red Creek Piping Project UT $737,000.00
View 2014 Duchesne County Water Conservancy District / Duchesne County Water Efficiency Project UT $666,140.00
View 2013 City of Goodyear / Initial Vadose Zone Recharge AZ $2,163,350.00
View 2013 Avra Valley Irrigation and Drainage District / Water and Energy Efficiency Improvement Program AZ $751,846.00
View 2013 Patterson Irrigation District / Marshall Road and Spanish Drain Return System CA $3,200,000.00
View 2013 Henry Miller Reclamation District 2131 / Island Canal System Modernization CA $2,719,400.00
View 2013 Hoopa Vally Tribe / Conserving Water of the Hioopa Valley Indain Reservation CA $2,121,956.00
View 2013 Ivanhoe Irragation District / Control System Project: 68 Main CA $752,500.00
View 2013 Tranquillity Irrigation District / East-West Intertie Water Conservation Project CA $681,645.00
View 2013 Madera Irrigation District / Irrigation Water Conservation, Telemetry and Delivery System Management Improvment Project CA $599,217.00
View 2013 Western Municipal Water District of Riverside County / High Efficiency Urial Flush-valve Upgrate Project CA $584,157.00
View 2013 Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Accociation / Headgate Automation, Remote Monitoring & Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions System CO $86,128.00
View 2013 Twin Falls Canal Company / Kinyon Pond Re-regulation Reservoir ID $1,565,805.00
View 2013 Idaho Water Resource Board / Provide Flow Measurement Devices to Delivery Points ID $341,859.00
View 2013 Commonwealth Utilities Corporation / Water Loss Reduction and Energy Saving Project MP $600,000.00
View 2013 Fort Shaw Irrigation District / Improving Fort Shaw Irrigation District Water Efficiency to Improve Sun River MT $788,329.00
View 2013 Greenfields Irrigation District / Improving Greenfields Irrigation District Water Efficiency to Improve Sun River Flow - Phase II MT $375,415.00
View 2013 Bostwick Irrigation District / Water Conservation Project NE $691,711.00
View 2013 Southern Nevada Water Authority / Landscape Rebate Program NV $3,300,000.00
View 2013 Central Oregon Irrigation District / Juniper Ridge Phase II Piping Project OR $6,531,166.00